Or maybe it is.  Either way, here are a few points to ponder as you CUSTOMIZE YOURSELF…

Are you looking for alternatives to the crush of unsustainable, misery-inducing diets and exercise regimens that you’ve already rejected?

Do you want a plan of nutrition, fitness and mindbody connection that works specifically for you?

One that you have fun with, have confidence in, and look forward to continuing?

One that you can easily and logically design, refine, change, control, personalize and evolve?

Would you liketo blaze a path to a leaner, healthier, happier, less stressful, more vital, longer life?

Do you follow someone else’s route?

Or is it better to create your own?

Where do you start?

Think of yourself as a work in progress.  No one is perfect.  Your life is unique and valuable.  No one is in a greater position to make it better than you are.  The rest of your life begins right now.  All the choices are yours.  You can ride the couch or ride the wind.

The main purpose of CUSTOMIZE YOURSELF is to inspire and guide you to customize your own journey, not to copy someone else’s.

It’s actually pretty simple.  Anyone can do it. You can apply the CUSTOMIZE YOURSELF approach to just about anything.  Your health span, life span, work span, play span and happiness can be customized and supercharged by you.

And you can share the wealth.  Why not get a few lazy humans up and running, or walking, or dancing through space?  Do some freelance inspiring.  Give a thumbs-up or a shout of encouragement to the other movers and shakers. If you walk or run or swim or dance into me, I’ll cheer you on.  You’re on the journey of a lifetime.  Congratulations! You just passed THIS IS NOT A TEST!