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Soundtrack Album

While we’re customizing ourselves, we can also lend a hand to Our Mother Earth, with the CUSTOMIZE YOUR PLANET soundtrack album, a collection of music devoted to supporting health and environmental organizations, promote good vibes, and inspire swinging, swaying, records playing, and dancing in the street!

Books in the CUSTOMIZE YOURSELF series feature song lyrics, quotes and movie and TV references to introduce chapters, underscore points, provide transitions, entertain and engage.  These connections will serve to create and comprise the selections on the CUSTOMIZE YOUR PLANET soundtrack album.  Titles will be announced soon.

100% of the profits from CUSTOMIZE YOUR PLANET will go to an array of health and environmental organizations working to improve life on Earth. To CUSTOMIZE and personalize your planetary contribution, you’ll have a choice of picking a favorite organization to direct your donation, or have the profits be divided equally among the charities.  The projected group of organizations includes:

Whether or not you’re a music collector, streamer or dabbler, helping these great organizations is the number one goal of CUSTOMIZE YOUR PLANET.  The music is an added bonus.  BTW, you don’t have to dance in the street.  You can dance anywhere!