Chuck Rose has spent most of the last 50 years customizing, evolving a set of simple, useful techniques to improve and integrate nutrition, fitness and mind body connection, growing from an overweight kid mesmerized by ecstatic cartoon characters raving about the euphoria of sugar, into a lean, athletic adult who no longer quotes Tony the Tiger. 

As part of his customizing journey, Rose decided to learn what he could from the bookshelves of one of the largest Barnes & Noble bookstores on Earth.  After 20 visits, he was able to survey the approximately 500 books in the health-related sections, choose what looked like the best 100, and read or skim all of them.  The conclusion: about 10 books were worth reading.  The other 90 you could use to wrap fish.  None of them articulated the CUSTOMIZE YOURSELF approach.  This situation necessitated writing the CUSTOMIZE YOURSELF book series.

In between pandemics, Rose also devotes time to exploring the art of cinema.  As founder, curator and moderator of Arthouse Film Festival (AFF), he has informed and entertained live audiences for 29 years, booking and interviewing 1,194 filmmakers and actors for AFF while also producing and moderating post-screening discussions and seminars for Paramount, Universal and SAG-AFTRA Foundation. 

Spending time on both coasts, Rose has authored 30 screenplays, directed VIETNAM VETS starring Danny Aiello, worked in the story department at Orion Pictures, served as a Contributing Editor at MOVIES USA and written feature articles for THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER.

He has held faculty positions at Seton Hall University, Adelphi University and The New School for Social Research.Rose is an alumnus of the Warner Bros. Writers Workshop, and holds an MA from the University of Southern California and a BFA from New York University.

His greatest joy is swimming in the Atlantic Ocean, or the Pacific, or whatever ocean is convenient.  While his 10 sitting-on-the-edge-of-the-planet summers as a lifeguard in Pt. Pleasant Beach, New Jersey are fading into history, he promises to stay fit enough to help out on a rough day.