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Captivating, I enjoyed it very much.  I liked the stories, the songs, the humor, your telling of ‘The French Paradox,’ the advantages of stevia, and all the coverage of sweeteners.  I have so many challenges with my diabetes patients.  Getting them to cut down on sugar is a huge problem.  I will try some of your suggestions.  Thank you!
—Nir Barzilai, MD, Author of AGE LATER, HEALTH SPAN, LIFE SPAN, AND THE NEW SCIENCE OF LONGEVITY, Director of the Institute for Aging Research at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, discovered the first longevity gene in humans. 

Unique, I liked it a lot.  Really well written which is unusual in this genre.  What I like right away is the concept of CUSTOMIZING the approach and not giving up if one approach or several don’t work.  It is a constant message I give to my patients when I treat them.  It will require trial and error with the ultimate goal as noted.  Also like your writing style— conversational.  It’s like I’m speaking with you directly.  I found the extensive personal anecdotal content compelling and completely entertaining.  I agree with your general recommendations re diets and portion control.  I often discuss ‘mindful’ eating with patients which corresponds with eating slowly and paying attention (really difficult to do).  In my practice of medicine I continually remind my patients that we have to figure out ‘what works for them’ because of such individual variability (i.e. customize).
—Steven E. Hodes, MD, Author of META-PHYSICIAN ON CALL FOR BETTER: METAPHYSICS AND MEDICINE FOR MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT, board certified gastroenterologist, former President of the medical staff at Raritan Medical Center.

Well-researched, accurate, and covers much territory.  Indeed, I can't think of anything lacking.  In short, this is just as good as any other sound nutrition/fitness book out there. You have a distinctive voice that rang though.  I could feel the New York, a relatable "let me tell you" tone.  I think someone looking for health and fitness advice would turn to a guy in amazing shape with a mother who is 110 with all this witty advice... maybe I can learn from him.
—Christopher Wanjek, MPH, Author of SPACEFARERS, BAD MEDICINE, FOOD AT WORK and over 500 health and science articles for THE WASHINGTON POST, SMITHSONIAN MAGAZINE, THE GUARDIAN, WIRED, LIVE SCIENCE, former senior writer for NASA.

I think it's great.  It's an easy read.  Well organized and thought out.  I love the way you included your mother in the book and it is amazing that she is doing so well.  The way that you state "your life is unique and valuable" really struck a chord with me.  It sets the tone and is motivational.  Then making small changes like cutting back 25% at a time on cookies etc is a great strategy.  I love the references to your past life and the stories that emerged from the Scouts and camping as well as the lifeguard stories.  They had me laughing and jogged my memory to my scouting days and long summer days as a lifeguard.  Great stuff.  I love the "more harm than good list" and the easy tools you presented to track your diet and behavior and to remember to celebrate at the 6 month mark.  Makes great sense and is super easy to do.  You start customizing yourself without even knowing it.  Excellent.  And as far as sugar, I believe it is one of the biggest health issues in this country and beyond.  I see almost daily in my practice evidence of the ravages of sugar.  I want to congratulate you on a wonderful job on this project.  
—Fred Nirschl, DDS, owner Princeton Dental.

I really enjoyed reading Nutrition.  I immediately thought of Michael Pollan's The Omnivore's Dilemma.  I think your audience is any adult or new adult who cares about nutrition, exercise or wellness. I love the fact that you attribute a lot of what you practice to your mother. Is she still alive? It's wonderful that she's lived to 110!  I agree with her about always keeping extra bread in the freezer.  I refuse to give up bread.  My aunt is 97 and still in pretty good health too and I think it's because she was into exercise her whole life.  I also liked the section where you talk about houseplants.  I didn't know you should water basil from the base of the plant and not the top.  I love learning things like that.  I like your advice for a gradual reduction (25%) in eating bad things to good things and the fact that you emphasize customizing it for each person since everyone's different.  I would definitely recommend your books to anyone who's trying to find a better mind-body balance - especially right now.  I think people have really been forced to look inward during the pandemic and to make some changes in their lives.  
—Sharon Rawlins, MLS, 2019 New Jersey Librarian of the Year, Specialist at New Jersey State Library.